Global Giving’s Updates from the Field: Reducing child malnutrition in Ho, Ghana

Ho, Ghana, Media, Social Justice
A little over a week ago, an In-the-Field Traveler from Global Giving published the review after a visit to the H.O.P.E. Center in Ho, Ghana. With Global Giving's permission, we have republished the report here. Thank you to author Andrew Meaux and Global Giving for supporting GlobeMed at Northwestern! GlobeMED: HOPE Center As most people know in development, the field is often more riddled with questions than answers. Common among these questions is how to measure an organization’s impact. Does one use fancy metrics to chart how a project develops and analyze data? Or does one rely on qualitative analysis, the actually question and survey approach of whether a person is better or worse off after a given project? Fortunately for me, GlobeMed, in partnership with the H.O.P.E Center, provided…
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