Reconstructing Islam on Campus

Social Justice
  By Elizabeth Kim Religion is not the first thing that comes to mind in college classrooms, let alone the field of global health. Mention of religion in the media and in the current presidential elections have forced it to have a negative connotation. However, discussion of different religious beliefs is necessary for students of all disciplines, especially those pursuing health-related careers, in order to understand how religion can play a role in the suffering as well as the celebration of cultures around the world. In short, religion is a significant factor underlying how individuals and communities access and practice health. With this in mind, GlobeMed at Northwestern discussed Islamophobia in a chapter meeting earlier this month. One GlobeMed member, Sarah Khan, is taking a step further and actively working…
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World Day of Social Justice 2016

GlobeMed, Social Justice
"Instead of treating social justice issues as trendy news topics or points of discussion, we should acknowledge that all social justice issues deserve to be recognized and fought for." My name's Camille Cooley. I'm a sophomore in SESP studying HDPS (Human Development and Psychological Services), and I'm working as the mentor for the World Day of Social Justice committee this year! Each year a GlobeMed committee plans the World Day of Social Justice, a daylong event that will take place this year on February 23rd at the Norris Student Center. The World Day of Social Justice, or more affectionately known as WDSJ, aims to promote awareness and efforts regarding issues such as poverty, exclusion, unemployment, and all other social justice issues that plague both international communities and local ones. I worked…
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A History Of Failure: Why Global Health’s Past Is Important For Its Future

A History Of Failure: Why Global Health’s Past Is Important For Its Future

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By Nida Bajwa Anyone who has studied global health knows that the field is wrought by many many failures, and very few successes. It is easy to get discouraged from the field when analyzing the immense amount of failure and repetition of those failures in the field. However, in analyzing these failed histories perhaps we can arrive at a greater future. As students, what is our role? What do we want to achieve from our global health education? How can we take a history of failures and turn it into success? The relationship between politics and global health is immense, and can be traced back to colonialism. The commonality that exists today is that healthcare to poor, developing countries is delivered by westerners who come in and impose their set…
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Putting Emotion Front and Center Once Again

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By Nicholas Wang We are inching closer to Article 25’s Day of Action on October 25. If all goes according to plan, it will be a monumental day for this brand new organization, which was founded within the past year by university students who had a simple idea for a grassroots global health advocacy organization. From that idea came the long, grueling process of formulating a tangible vision and plan for what this organization would look like and could accomplish. Long meetings both in person and over Google Hangout, hours upon hours of research and organization, aggressive network-building, and coordinated social media blitzes have all led up to a single day: October 25. There are events planned all over the world in more than 40 different countries with thousands of…
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World AIDS Day

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To celebrate World AIDS Day, take a listen to the following inspirational StoryCorps presentation: For more coverage of the day's events, news, stories, and to get involved, visit In the spirit of giving, please consider donating to GlobeMed at Northwestern:
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Organization Spotlight: Tiyatien Health

Global Health, GlobeMed, International, Public Health, Social Justice
A worthy organization recently brought to the chapter's attention is Tiyatien Health, a not-for-profit that works to rebuild the failed health system of Liberia.  Liberia is still struggling to recover from a horrific civil war that ended in 2003. Tiyatien Health, headed by the liberian-born doctor Rajesh Panjabi, strives to provide what it terms "justice in health", health equity for all Liberians.  It focuses on providing free medicine and health care to those who need it. Rajesh and all involved place great importance on teaching Liberians how to care for themselves and administer to others in order to create a health system that won't only help those in need, but will sustain itself. Tiyatien also works with the Liberian Government to create a permanent, functioning health system and supports sustainable…
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Nigeria’s Promise, Africa’s Hope

Foreign Relations, Medical Anthropology, Social Justice
Check out this interesting article in which renowned author, Chinua Achebe, gives social commentary on a very complex country, the history that has facilitated the structural violence crippling Nigeria (and pretty much the rest of Africa), and the steps the nation must take to solve these problems. "Medicine is a social science and politics is nothing but medicine on a large scale." -Paul Farmer
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Check out “If It Were My Home”

Foreign Relations, Social Justice
Where you are born determines everything about how you experience the world, including your health. This website allows you to compare various statistics on the quality of life between the U.S. and every other country in the world. There are a lot of great stats up here and it really hits home the point about how arbitrary "where you are born" is. -Katie Smiley
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Act Local, Think Global (TONIGHT!)

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[caption id="attachment_275" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption=" Thursday (TONIGHT!), Nov. 11th, 8:00 p.m. in Swift 107"][/caption] Community organizing or international development? Working abroad or in your own backyard? How do you engage? They're questions everyone has asked, but few have been able to answer. Join NUCHR, GES, NCDC and GlobeMed for a thought-provoking panel discussion this Thursday (TONIGHT)! This is the next in the "Why Does it Matter, NU?" series, bringing the NU community together to discuss how to follow their passions into sustainable change.
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Wrapping up fall quarter with GlobeMed at Northwestern

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It's hard to believe that the end of fall quarter 2010 is already in sight! Here's what GlobeMed at Northwestern will be the up to, all the way up until Finals Week! Civically Engaged Young Alumni Week The Center for Civic Engagement's Civically Engaged Young Alumni Week kicked off tonight with a keynote speech by Will Butler of Arcade Fire. The week's event also includes a Global Health Alumni panel on November 3 from 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at the McCormick Tribune Forum. Thursday, November 11 at 7:30 pm (location TBA): GlobeMed/GES/NUCHR panel on local versus global engagement and the role we as students can have in important social justice movements. Monday, November 15 (time and location TBA): GlobeMed/Living Wage Campaign/NCDC/Peace Project present health and human rights activist Cleve…
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