Organization Spotlight: Tiyatien Health

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A worthy organization recently brought to the chapter's attention is Tiyatien Health, a not-for-profit that works to rebuild the failed health system of Liberia.  Liberia is still struggling to recover from a horrific civil war that ended in 2003. Tiyatien Health, headed by the liberian-born doctor Rajesh Panjabi, strives to provide what it terms "justice in health", health equity for all Liberians.  It focuses on providing free medicine and health care to those who need it. Rajesh and all involved place great importance on teaching Liberians how to care for themselves and administer to others in order to create a health system that won't only help those in need, but will sustain itself. Tiyatien also works with the Liberian Government to create a permanent, functioning health system and supports sustainable…
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Short Term Relief Trips: Point and Counterpoint

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Students are presented with a wide array of opportunities to engage with global health issues. As exciting as it can be to jump into an experience abroad, it is important for us, as discerning students of global health, to be extremely critical of our own intentions and the intentions of organizations with which we work. Not all programs with abroad opportunities are conducted with the best intentions for local communities. So, as you sort through your options for summer opportunities, consider how best you can use your skills and position as a student, but be cautious of working far beyond your means, particularly when it comes to administering medical care and advice. To further illustrate this point, check out this article about Global Medical Brigades and GlobeMed Executive Director Jon…
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A perspective from Paris

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In many ways, Paris is not so different from New York, Chicago, or any major city in the United States. There are all the modern amenities, locals are chic and cosmopolitan and pop culture in Europe has largely molded itself around American media. The one thing people tend to point out is that the French tend to take their time to enjoy the ordinary. The lifestyle is slower, whether it’s how long it takes a waiter to bring over a check or the way Parisians linger over three-hour dinners of bread, wine, cheese and espresso even on weekdays. In time, I realized that this way of life reflects the lengthy scope of European history and, in turn, the principles around which many European societies are organized. Unlike the United States,…
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GROW 2010 Team: Margaret Asante’s thoughts and impressions

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[caption id="attachment_196" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="The members of the GlobeMed at Northwestern GROW 2010 trip with Margaret Asante. Photo courtesy of Reema Ghatnekar / GlobeMed at Northwestern."][/caption] When I received a mail from the outgoing executives of GlobeMed 2009 introducing the next batch of students who will be visiting Hope Center in Ghana in 2010, I was really thrilled and at the same time curious. I wanted to know the caliber of students and how they can fit into our activities at the center like their predecessors. Mails were exchanged and my anxiety heightened by each day. Between 13th June to 25th June Allyson arrived first, followed by Kathleen and Reema, then lastly Joey. Allyson Westling I christened Allyson, “Mother Allyson” due to her humility, wisdom and her approach to work;…
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Lessons learned from Sotero del Rio & Common ground: public health in Chile

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[caption id="attachment_163" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Laura studied abroad in Chile this summer. Photo courtesy of Laura Ruch / GlobeMed at Northwestern."][/caption] This summer, 2010-2011 GlobeMed at Northwestern globalhealthU co-coordinator Laura Ruch studied public health abroad in Chile and blogged for The 195. Below are excerpts from Laura's blog, which covered her experiences this summer. LESSONS LEARNED FROM SOTERO DEL RIO Six weeks, dozens of women, and numerous hour long metro rides later, my research has wrapped up, and I realize I’ve learned about a lot more than what I set out to understand. Our project focused on how women can have a positive labor experience and what can be done to alleviate excessive pain during childbirth. Some of our “findings” were pretty obvious – epidurals do the trick, so long as…
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A smoggy day in Beijing town: public health in Beijing

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[caption id="attachment_146" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Traditional Chinese herb-picking alongside the Great Wall. Photo courtesy of Chi-chi Uichanco / GlobeMed at Northwestern."][/caption] For the past seven weeks, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to study in the crazy, crowded capital of the most populous country on earth: Beijing, China! The IPD program in Beijing is designed to allow us to witness the lasting impressions of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and learn about the basic public health structures in the country. Meanwhile, this lively, bustling city is our oyster to explore; it’s not too hard to blend in with a population exceeding twenty-two million. The TCM half of the program was …interesting, to say the least. I came into this program with an open mind, excited to learn how other cultures viewed common health…
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Deepa’s updates from Spain

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[caption id="attachment_138" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="A view from Plaza de Colon in Madrid, Spain. Photo courtesy of Deepa Ramadurai / GlobeMed at Northwestern."][/caption] Over the summer, the GlobeMed Grapevine will also feature updates from GlobeMed members traveling abroad. GlobeMed at Northwestern Director of Individual Giving, Deepa Ramadurai, recently returned from a six week study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain. While in Barcelona, Deepa studied Spanish language, conversation, modern culture and other political issues; Deepa also had the opportunity to briefly visit Madrid, Valencia and Milan while in Europe. The healthcare system in Spain is really interesting. For one of the classes I was taking we had a special unit on immigration within Spain because it has a huge effect on Barcelona (since Barcelona is very much considered a commercial city and…
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