World AIDS Day

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To celebrate World AIDS Day, take a listen to the following inspirational StoryCorps presentation: For more coverage of the day's events, news, stories, and to get involved, visit In the spirit of giving, please consider donating to GlobeMed at Northwestern:
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Nigeria’s Promise, Africa’s Hope

Foreign Relations, Medical Anthropology, Social Justice
Check out this interesting article in which renowned author, Chinua Achebe, gives social commentary on a very complex country, the history that has facilitated the structural violence crippling Nigeria (and pretty much the rest of Africa), and the steps the nation must take to solve these problems. "Medicine is a social science and politics is nothing but medicine on a large scale." -Paul Farmer
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Check out “If It Were My Home”

Foreign Relations, Social Justice
Where you are born determines everything about how you experience the world, including your health. This website allows you to compare various statistics on the quality of life between the U.S. and every other country in the world. There are a lot of great stats up here and it really hits home the point about how arbitrary "where you are born" is. -Katie Smiley
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A perspective from Paris

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In many ways, Paris is not so different from New York, Chicago, or any major city in the United States. There are all the modern amenities, locals are chic and cosmopolitan and pop culture in Europe has largely molded itself around American media. The one thing people tend to point out is that the French tend to take their time to enjoy the ordinary. The lifestyle is slower, whether it’s how long it takes a waiter to bring over a check or the way Parisians linger over three-hour dinners of bread, wine, cheese and espresso even on weekdays. In time, I realized that this way of life reflects the lengthy scope of European history and, in turn, the principles around which many European societies are organized. Unlike the United States,…
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GROW 2010 Team: Margaret Asante’s thoughts and impressions

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[caption id="attachment_196" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="The members of the GlobeMed at Northwestern GROW 2010 trip with Margaret Asante. Photo courtesy of Reema Ghatnekar / GlobeMed at Northwestern."][/caption] When I received a mail from the outgoing executives of GlobeMed 2009 introducing the next batch of students who will be visiting Hope Center in Ghana in 2010, I was really thrilled and at the same time curious. I wanted to know the caliber of students and how they can fit into our activities at the center like their predecessors. Mails were exchanged and my anxiety heightened by each day. Between 13th June to 25th June Allyson arrived first, followed by Kathleen and Reema, then lastly Joey. Allyson Westling I christened Allyson, “Mother Allyson” due to her humility, wisdom and her approach to work;…
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